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Ways to Avoid Plagiarism
Plagiarism is fast infesting the educational system and students are increasingly making use of internet and discarding the habit of writing the study reports themselves. The problem of plagiarism originates from the lack of knowledge that what they are doing is ethically wrong.

Even those students who are aware of what plagiarism means, are not aware of the implications of the offence and its outcomes.

Other reasons that make students fall to plagiarism include: insufficient level of skills, disposition towards grades and assignments, improper management of time, impression that their seniors have been plagiarizing, and inadequate perception of risk-reward parameters.

Taking care of the above issues can help prevent plagiarism. The most desirable measures to contain plagiarism would be to tackle the causes that induce this practice.

The approaches that can curb plagiarism comprise understanding the reasons that motivate students to plagiarize, finding the ways plagiarism occurs, and implementing techniques that prevent the wrong practice.