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Impact of Plagiarism on education
Stealing views and ideas of others without acknowledging the source is termed as plagiarism. Students mostly consider plagiarism as an accepted practice, though it may ultimately have an adverse impact. It casts adverse impact on the process of delivering learning, teaching, teachers as well as the taught in four ways:

(a) Teachers are concerned that students mostly do not realize the implications of plagiarism and, therefore, much of their time is spent on explaining to the students what plagiarism means and the way it can be avoided.

(b) Teachers commit students to an assignment in order that they may understand the subject being taught adequately. Students who take to plagiarism do not gain enough insight of the subject.

(c) Instructors who intend to discourage plagiarism and maintain the dignity of learning should try to find out plagiarism whenever it occurs. They should design assignments in such a way that makes literary piracy a difficult exercise. However, it demands considerable time and effort on the part of the teacher.

(d) An intense competition exists among students to outdo the other in securing higher position with respect to grade or career. In case plagiarism is not discovered, the plagiarist students would enjoy advantage over the sincere students.