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The Way ‘Educheck’ Helps Contain Plagiarism
‘Educheck’ is web-based software that assists in ascertaining plagiarism and enables teachers and the taught to encourage originality in writing study papers.

It provides an effective means of curbing plagiarism on the part of students, since it requires the students to submit their study reports in electronic form through ‘Educheck’ which in turn scans and compares the reports with material in the databases and as a result produces an Originality Report.

The concerned students are asked to have a look at their submissions and originality reports but are not allowed to see the reports of others. ‘Educheck’ software is user-friendly and practicable in detecting popular forms of plagiarism. Though it cannot replace the careful checking that a teacher can do, yet it definitely makes examination of scripts much easier.

‘Educheck’ works as an effective deterrent to piracy and alerts the students that their study reports would be digitally assessed before these are transmitted onward to the teacher. Thus, it discourages the students from indulging in copying.
How ‘Educheck’ Works?
Educheck’ is a sound means of identifying the plagiarized content by scanning the study report and matching its substance with the documents on the internet and in depositories maintained by ‘Educheck’. In case the software comes across identical usage of words, it highlights that portion of the write-up.

It gives due regard to the sensitivity required by the educational institution and focuses on those parts of the text which could be coincidental or unintentionally identical.
Reasons for Using Educheck Service
‘Educheck’ works as an effective deterrent for students from resorting to plagiarism. When students know that their study reports would be submitted to scrutiny through plagiarism detection software, they in all probability would avoid it while writing their study papers. ‘Educheck’ supports large databases to check submissions by students.

It is accepted that individual teachers do not have much time at their disposal to thoroughly examine each and every source they are aware of while checking a report. This inability of the teacher is tactfully exploited by the plagiarist students in preparing their study papers. ‘Educheck’ examines all the documents that are run through it and detects any deceit.

It scans and identifies all probable sources of plagiarism and cheating. ‘Educheck’ forms an effective means of delivering learning. Many a time students do not intend to plagiarize but are bereft of the knowledge of acknowledging the sources of information.

This software draws the attention of the teacher to the relevant aspects and provides the teacher the occasion to discuss and point the pertinent issues to the student where he would have gone wrong.