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About Us
‘Smart Initiative Education Solutions’ is a company to promote quality education in India. The mission of the company is to promote the quality of education in India by helping the faculty in checking academic frauds. The company is promoted by professional form education field and information technology field. The company’s first service is promoted with the brand name of ‘Educheck’.

The services offered by ‘Educheck’ are related to checking plagiarism, collusion and other academic frauds. The education system is plagued by ‘Cut-Copy-Paste’ syndrome all over the globe. The universities in many developed countries are using specialised softwares to check the problem of academic frauds like, plagiarism, collusion etc. Until now, no such facility is available to the Indian universities/facultys and because of this sometimes the students commit academic frauds.

‘Educheck’ offers the facility to the universities/facultys to check the plagiarism and collusion. The company has invested two years in developing the customised software for Indian universities. This software not only checks the work submitted by the student with the matter available on internet but also check it with the archive maintained by ‘Educheck’.

The originality report of the work submitted by the student will help the teachers to know that the work submitted is original work of the student. It will also act as a deterrent to the students who plagiarise blatantly.